About Kate

After leaving school, I picked up a camera, pursued a curiosity and built the business of my dreams. In that time I have shot numerous model portfolios, editorials, look books, advertising campaigns and all sorts of other commercial projects for various brands and designers.

Being a photographer is more than just taking a photograph. It’s the ability to translate information into a visual message by having an eye for detail and connecting to the person or people I photograph.

In recent years I have become fascinated by the power of nonverbal communications: facial expressions, gestures and physical movements. One look can communicate volumes and understanding the significance of body language and micro expressions has enabled me to master posing to market a product or evoke an emotion.

When I’m not behind the camera taking photographs I’m usually at home in the countryside with my family, which also includes my two dogs and tabby cat called Colin. I love to read, travel and do yoga but I also indulge in watching endless box sets on Netflix with a family sized bar of Cadbury’s chocolate. I’m human after all.

I am also a self-confessed lingerie addict that has an ever-growing collection of Victoria’s Secret underwear that has spilled out of my top drawer and now takes up most of my wardrobe…maybe that’s why I love shooting it so much.