Beat the algorithm and increase your engagement with these simple but effective Instagram tips to transform your feed.

Instagram is the perfect platform if you are looking to promote your products, services or to grow your personal brand on social media.

Essentially, Instagram is your shop window.

If you create a beautiful Instagram profile that is eye-catching and provides value to your ideal client, it’s easy to start gaining followers and turn them into paying customers.

Tip 1: Choose a style

It’s really important if you are a brand to take photos that are cohesive and consistent with each other.

It is your visual personality.

So what do you want your theme to be? White, minimal, tropical, colourful or moody?

If you want your feed to look light and bright, use images that are well lit and look for light backgrounds, so it’s easy to edit your pictures to make them look clean and crisp. 

For dark and moody shots, you’ll want to find dark backgrounds, objects and clothing and underexpose your shots. 

Bonus tip: If you’re taking photos on your iPhone, tap on the subject you want to focus on and push your finger up or down to brighten or darken your image. 


Tip 2: Use a Lightroom preset

Choose a preset and stick to it. Using the same filter on your photos, all the time, is the easiest way to start a theme.

I love using Lightroom, and the best thing about it is that the mobile version is completely free

With Lightroom, you can also install filters know as presets. 

Simply put, they are adjustments settings to change the colours and tones of your images, creating a particular style or look on your pictures.

Over the last ten years, I have created a library of go-to presets which are now available to purchase, so no matter what you shoot, you can transform my images with a click of a button. 

Having a beautiful image is one thing, but editing it is what makes the image POP! 


Tip 3: Plan your posts

To make your images look cohesive, try to plan your posts so you can work out which photos will look best next to each other. 

I love using UNUM to help me plan how I want my images to look on my grid. 

For me, that means I try not to repeat the same style of shot too close to another. 

For example, you might have a close-up image, graphic, full-body and then a quote and then repeat this over and over to give your feed style and structure. 

Tip 4: Use canva to create graphics and quotes. 

Infographics and quotes are a perfect way to encourage your audience to save your post, which will help your engagement and beat the Instagram algorithm.

Canva is a free tool that allows anyone (even if you have no design skills what-so-ever) to create beautiful graphics easily. You can import your colour palette, logo and font to keep your designs looking consistent with your brand style. 


Tip 5: Freshen up your highlights

Give your highlights a makeover. When was the last time you organised your highlights?

Organising and creating covers for your Instagram Highlight Stories allows your most valuable content to show up on your Instagram profile. 

Where do you want your followers to go when they find your profile, how can you guide them through your content so they understand what you do and how you can help them.

If you have different sections of your business or brand, break them up into individual highlights. You could also create a “Start Here” highlight to help your followers navigate through your content. 


Tip 6: Update your Instagram bio

Your bio is the place where people get to know what you do and how you can help them. 

Always remember to tell your audience what you do, who you work with and how you can help. 

You need to give them a reason to follow you – what makes you different from other accounts offering the same product/service?