Hello and welcome to my brand spanking new blog! I have to admit; it has taken me almost ten years to pluck up the courage to start writing. So you might be wondering why I am putting myself through all this?

Well, I wanted a space to share new work and show you what life is like behind the camera. More importantly, I wanted to build a library of useful tools for you from shoot prep to how-to guides. Whether you’ve got a shoot booked with me or another photographer, or need advice on how to take pretty pictures for yourself, hopefully, there will be something here that will interest or inspire you.

At this point; I think I should introduce myself and tell you why I’m qualified to provide you all with this knowledge. In all honesty, I’m probably not. I have no qualifications in photography or business, but someway, somehow, I have navigated through the last ten years, and I’m still here and still in business. I don’t claim to be an expert. My knowledge is simply a catalogue of mistakes (some good and some terrible) which has bought me here today. I’m a self-taught photographer that has a huge appetite for learning and creating.


I would love to say that I always knew I wanted to be a photographer. In truth, and probably like most people, it’s just something I fell into, and thankfully I’ve never looked back! 

At school, I was torn between the arts and sciences, and unusually, I wasn’t bad at both. Confusion and not wanting thirty thousand pounds of debt put me off pursuing a university degree. Instead, I decided to take a year out to find out what I was good at and ultimately what I truly loved.

After a year of employment, I handed in my resignation and hung up my office attire. Photography had been a keen interest, and with that, I decided I wanted to a photographer. I had saved some money and built a studio in my parents garden and had acquired all the photography essentials to get me started.


My photography then was shocking and even to this day, I can’t believe I made it through! But practice makes perfect, and following the words of Malcolm Gladwell, I applied the ten thousand hours rule from the book Outliers, and got myself to work.

In the last few years, I have really found my calling, and I am in LOVE with commercial photography. Having run my own businesses (including a product-based company), I understand the need for emotive photography to sell yourself or a product/service to your intended target market.

Never have we been so fortunate to be able to create and distribute content globally, for free! But with that, comes a lot of competition and breaking through the noise can be challenging. I hope to provide you with all the information you need to create beautiful, compelling imagery for your brand that will convert attention into sales.

If there is anything specific you would like me to cover, please leave me a comment down below or send me an email, I’d love to hear from you.