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40 Killer Content Ideas For Instagram

Struggling to think of content ideas for Instagram? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You haven’t posted on Instagram in over a month, and the overwhelming feeling of panic floods over you. It seems like everyone else is churning out content like it’s just a walk in the park.

You’re racking your brain trying to think of something useful, informative, and witty to say but you’re mind’s gone completely blank – sound familiar?

Most people have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. It can feel like a chore – draining and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

I’ve been in this situation a thousand times, but when you get a new perspective, the ideas will flow, and you’ll actually begin to enjoy creating content.


Create content aligned to your follower’s needs

As Seth Godin wrote, “marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. Their problem.”

Once you understand what it is your audience is trying to solve, you can create content aligned to their needs. Rather than referring to your audience as your potential clients and customers, call them your “students” instead.

What will your students benefit from learning?

To help get you started, I’ve put together 40 killer content ideas for Instagram. Click on the link below to download your cheat sheet now.


Two months of content mapped out

If you’re posting 5 times a week, that’s 8 weeks’ worth of content ideas already planned out! Post paralysis will be a thing of the past, and you’ll be the content Queen in no time!

When writing captions, you want to make sure the first sentence captivates the audience. Check out my blog post how to write irresistible Instagram headlines in seconds.

Always remember to follow up your caption with a CTA (Call To Action) to tell your audience what to do next. This could be “remember to save this post” or “click the link in my bio”, having a CTA really does make a difference as people need to be told what to do.

So, you’ve got all the content ideas, now all you need to do is hold yourself accountable and actually start planning the content. So, go grab your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine and get it done! 

Check out my blog post on how to plan months of content for social media for advice on how I do it.


How to write irresistible Instagram headlines

Write Instagram headlines that will hook your reader in and give them a reason to tap “more” and get you a ton of engagement.

Whilst Instagram is predominately a visual platform, your captions allow you to engage with your audience, tell a story and build a sense of community around your brand.

When you share your post, you need to make sure that you write Instagram headlines (the first line of your caption) that makes your followers want to click on the “see more” button to read the rest of your caption.

Here are some of my top tips to make sure you stop your audience from scrolling, get them interested and drive them to your CTA (call to action).

Ask a question

Questions headlines are a great way to engage with your audience because they strike the perfect balance of information and intrigue. 

To do this, you want to phrase your question so that it leaves the reader wanting more. 

For example: 

  1. Struggling to create that flow on Instagram?
  2. Have you tried biohacking yet?
How to

How-to headlines work well because they are intriguing and valuable. If your audience is looking for information, more often than not, they are trying to see if they can do it themselves. 

By proving valuable content, you’re not only providing helpful instruction or guidance for a particular task but also establishes you as an expert.

  1. How to…
  2. The ultimate guide to…
  3. The only steps you’ll need to start
What your audience will gain

Usually, spoilers suck – but not for Instagram headlines. We live in a world where time is a valuable commodity. By making it clear what your audience might gain by reading your caption, you’re more liking to keep their attention. 

Let’s say you’re sharing tips on how to lose weight. If you’ve had results from a client or from doing this yourself, you could include those in the headline.

For example:

  1. How to lose weight
  2. How I lost half a stone in 30 days by cutting out one thing from my diet. 

The last example tells you precisely what result you can hope to achieve by following these tips. It’s much more exciting and intriguing because you can visualise achieving something new.

List Post

Lists work really well because your audience can skim through really quickly to get the information they need.

You can offer a list of steps, things, tips, products, reasons to do something, and more.

For example:

  1. 5 Ways to use your phone to meet your 2021 goals
  2. 7 Ways to start podcasting to grow your business
Avoiding Mistakes

Nobody likes to make mistakes. It’s embarrassing, awkward, and uncomfortable. Using ‘mistakes’ headlines to grab your audience’s attention.

Examples of mistake headlines include:

  1. Things no one told me when…
  2. What I wish I knew when…
  3. Mistakes I made when…
  4. What not to do when…
Handle an Objection

Handling an objection is a great way to grab the attention of a reader who would have otherwise scrolled by.

Objections are things that your audience say to themselves when they are reading your content. i.e. I’m not experienced enough to do that, it’s too expensive, I don’t have the time.

By tackling an objection, you’re encouraging your reader that they too can make the most of the information you have to offer.

Some examples might be:

  1. Set up your own podcast (for free!)
  2. How to create your own website (no coding skills needed)

To write an Instagram headline that will really stand out, try to mix different types of headlines. Here are a couple of formulas you could try:

  1. (How To) + (Handle Objection): “The ultimate guide to creating content (even if you’re a total beginner)”
  2. (Ask a Question) + (Avoid Mistakes): “Do you run a beauty business? Don’t make these 5 mistakes”.
  3. (List) + (What They’ll Gain): “3 ways you can get 1000 followers in just 30 days”.
  4. (How to) + (What They’ll Gain): “How to make a reel & increase your engagement by 200%.”
  5. (Ask a Question) + (List) + (Handle Objection): “Have you watched our latest YouTube video? Learn 5 Ways You Can Become a Better Content Creator (without professional camera)”

How to plan months of content for social media

Want to know how to plan months of content for social media that won’t overwhelm you? If so, you’re in the right place.

Not that long ago, I used to create content on the fly.

I’d scroll through my photo albums in the desperation to find a suitable image. If and when I saw something, I would sit on the couch at 8pm frantically wracking my brain for something witty or interesting to say.

I didn’t really have a clear idea of who I was speaking to and who my ideal client was. So as you can imagine, by the time I posted my photo onto Instagram by 9pm, all I heard was crickets.

I was too late posting, the image didn’t look consistent with the rest of my grid, I had no idea who I was talking to, and there was no strategy behind my hashtags.

Who else can relate?


Taking A Break

When lockdown happened, I took a couple of weeks off. No phone calls, no emails and no social media. Not only did I need to come to terms with everything going on in the world, but I also needed time away from my business. 

I wanted to reassess my workflows, my own branding and my marketing strategy. Lockdown was the best thing that could have happened in my life and business at that time. I was on a hamster wheel, keeping myself busy but not getting anywhere. 

The frustrating thing was, I knew what to do, but I never felt I had the time to implement it into my business. I also didn’t appreciate the power of social media when used strategically. When I actually started doing the work, nothing could have prepared me for the growth I saw in my business.

So I wanted to share my journey, in this blog post I will be covering;

  • the steps I took to create a marketing strategy
  • how I plan and schedule my posts
  • how I use my time effectively to batch my content

How to create a marketing strategy

While this may seem a daunting task, I promise it’s not. Once you understand how to plan months worth of content for social media, it’s an absolute game changer.

I would highly recommend downloading my free branding workbook to get clarity on who your target market is and how you want your brand to be perceived.

Once you understand your ideal client’s pain or pleasure points, it’s easier to plan your content around this by providing the solution they need.

I created a Google sheet with a breakdown of my yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals and marketing strategy so I can focus on each day, knowing I’m always doing something to move the needle and to get me where I need to be.

Content planning can feel overwhelming, but when you break it all down into bite-size pieces, it makes it more manageable and removes all the stress that usually comes with creating content at the last minute.

Yearly Goals

What are your three top goals would like to have achieved in 12 months from now? Do you want to be earning a certain amount? Have a clear number of clients you’d like to have booked or products sold? The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to measure and plan for your goal.

Quarterly Goals

Splitting the year into 3 month periods gives you enough time to reach your goals without getting too overwhelmed. You want to map out your goals and the associated actions required in the next 90 days. If you know that you have something launching at the beginning of the next quarter, then you will want to include your action steps in the previous quarter.

Monthly & Weekly Goals

Your monthly content calendar allows you to plan your topics for the month.

I break this into 4 sections with each week splitting up each area I use to market my business; i.e. Instagram, Pinterest, blogging etc. For each week, I write in my area of focus to keep me on track to hit my monthly and quarterly goals.

Don’t let this task overwhelm you. Set aside a whole day to get clear on your goals and spend some time breaking them down. Once this is in place, it makes the rest of your life so much easier.

Book A Content shoot

Instagram Content Planning

I use Planoly to schedule my Instagram posts and stories. From switching over from another platform, this has been a complete game changer!

I can auto-schedule my posts, and it even includes my hashtags in the first comments. Planoly is so user friendly and you can easily drag and drop images to plan out your grid.

I usually have 60-70 images organised in the app. That’s 10 weeks/3 months of posts planned, ahead of time!

By doing this, you remove the panic of not having anything to post, scrambling through your photo albums with nothing suitable and no strategy behind the post.

Having a library of images gives you lots of variety to plan your grid, so it looks evenly balanced.

You want to make sure your brand colours weave throughout your feed to provide a cohesive look. I also recommend using images with negative space (space around a subject) to break up busier images.

In doing so, your giving your viewer the brain space to take in each picture, without feeling overwhelmed.


Pinterest Content Planning

For scheduling Pinterest, I use Tailwind, and like Planoly, this has made a big impact on my growth how to plan months of content. I grew my monthly unique visitors from 7k to 450k within just a few months.

It actually didn’t take a whole lot of work, and I’ve seen a significant increase in the click-through rate to my website.

It’s essential to create your own pins as Pinterest now favours fresh/new content. I make pins using Canva and upload these to Tailwind and assign to the appropriate boards.



I never used to like writing. It’s never come naturally to me, and being a perfectionist is not ideal! If I wasn’t happy with what I had written, the post simply wasn’t published.

At the beginning of 2020, I decided I needed to get out of my own way and just write, no matter how terrible I thought it was. Done is better than perfect. I’ll say that again, done is better than perfect!

I use Grammarly when I write my posts to ensure I haven’t made any silly errors. Sure there are probably the odd few, but I feel more confident in publishing what I write.

By writing a blog post, it creates my long-form content which can be broken down into emails, captions and stories.


Time Management

Marketing can feel like a full-time job but doesn’t have to be. I find batching content the most practical way to save time without losing my mind.

Once a week, usually a Sunday afternoon, I organise my posts, design my pins and schedule them both in Planoly and Tailwind.

I spend the first hour every morning to write a post for my blog. By breaking it up into smaller chunks, it means I have 5 hours of writing time. As writing isn’t my strongest area, I find that this doesn’t overwhelm me and I have time to go back and edit.

Shooting Content

Creating content can be the most time consuming aspect of it all. I highly recommend booking out a day or two every month to focus on shooting or curating content.

You can either go out by yourself, take a friend or book a professional photographer. I highly recommend shooting every month or two so you have enough content.

Doing this will mean you have a library of images to go to when planning and scheduling your content saving you a whole load of stress.

If you plan ahead, it gives you time to think about what kind of images you will need in the upcoming months so all your content will attract your ideal client.

Booking A Content Shoot

Now you know how to plan months worth of content for social media, it’s time to schedule some time to create a marketing strategy and set aside some time to create your content. 

To book your content shoot, check out my personal branding and and product photography packages or send me an email by clicking on the button below.

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