Success follows consistent daily action. Use the journal to instil high-performance rituals and practices that work.

  • Four colours (Blush, Mint, Grey, Nude)
  • A5 Printable Inserts for Personal Planner
  • Daily Schedule
  • Health & Habits Tracker
  • Day Review

These refillable inserts will help keep you planned, productive and accountable by optimising your time, prioritising your workload and making each day count towards your goals. With an open date format, you can use it over and over again, year after year.

Your daily planner will also help you track your health by making a note of your exercise, calories burnt, water intake and a food diary.

Each section will help you schedule your day and keep on track of your weekly and monthly goals with objectives, tasks, notes and daily rewards.


The habits section will help you focus on establishing and reinforcing your habits. What time you wake up, your morning routine – SAVERS, who you have networked with and a social media tracker.

S-A-V-E-R-S is a six-part morning routine designed by Hal Elrod (silence, affirmations, visualisation, exercise, reading, and scribing) that can improve your physical, emotional and mental state.

These self-development habits create a deliberate morning ritual allowing you to start the day in a calm focused and positive way. For those not familiar with this routine, I highly recommend reading Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning.

Celebrate your wins, learn from your losses. The human brain tends to lean towards negative thinking, so by taking a few minutes of reviewing how your day is a beneficial tool for developing more positive mental habits.