If you have a coaching business, it’s so important to nail your personal brand to convince your clients you’re the best fit for them. 

With so many businesses being online, it’s easy to be a faceless brand. When the product you sell is yourself – your knowledge and advice – you need to show your audience who you are and what you look like.

It’s not about how cool you look, or whether you look like a supermodel in your pictures. It’s about coming across in the right way that resonates with your clients. What would it be like for them to work with you? 


Top tips to build your personal brand for your coaching business.

By showing images of yourself, you’re humanising your brand and building trust with your clients. I’ve put together a few tips you can start using to build trust and communicate the most authentic version of you.

1. Be yourself.

Allow your prospective clients to get to know you as a person. You can showcase your personality.

What makes you unique? What sets you apart from your competition? Think about when you hire service-based business in your own life.

You’ll notice that very often, their interests, stories and personalities were a big factor. It’s not always about selling a better product or service. So remember, people may choose you, just because they like you. 


2. What are you passionate about?

If you have set up your own coaching business, you’re probably excited about what you do. If you’re not, then maybe it’s time to reconsider.

So don’t just share information about your coaching business. Share what inspires you as a business owner.

How did you start? Why do you love what you do? That passion can encourage your potential customers too.

When you let your passion shine through, people can’t help but be drawn to it. 


3. Own your imperfections.

Most of us hate being in front of the camera. I get it! I used to HATE being in front of the camera and would do everything possible to avoid it. But it wasn’t until a friend pointed out that my Instagram lacked personality, I thought “I have to get a grip on myself”.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not perfect. In fact, the imperfections are the things that make your images feel more authentic and human.

Having always been behind the camera, it was just a case of being okay with myself. And the more you practice getting on camera, the more comfortable and more natural it becomes. 


4. Share life behind the scenes.

People are fascinated with how everything works behind the scenes. It gives them exclusivity. Think about your favourite film, do you like hearing the juicy details that went on during filming?

Seeing how they put together the sets and how the directors chose the actors is fascinating and watching all the bloopers is hilarious! Show your potential clients how you work or introduce them to your team.

Talk about your daily routine, or what success looks like to you. How does your coaching business differ from others already out there?

5. Set the scene.

Where you shoot your images is as important as your caption. I always encourage my clients to shoot in places that depict their brand. What story do you want to tell? How can you showcase your personal brand for your coaching business. 


It’s time to start showing up

Quite simply, you need to be showing up everywhere. And if you haven’t already started, now is a perfect time. 

Over the last year, I have photographed Naomi White, PR coach and consultant, a few times for her personal brand and social media imagery.

I see a lot of coaches and entrepreneurs struggling to create a consistent feed on Instagram. More often than not, this is because they don’t have a brand. Having your very own brand identity with your own colour palette is what will help you create that consistency on your feed.

Naomi has a very soft brand colour palette with beautiful pinks and greys. So we found cafe’s, houses, doors and garages with those colours to complement her outfits.

I’ve screenshot Naomi’s Instagram feed and her website, and you can see when everything is combined, it creates a consistent look which is pleasing to the eye. 


Where to shoot your personal branding session

Notting Hill is always the perfect place to shoot! And it’s the ideal place for many reasons. No matter how many times I shoot around there, each time is different. There are always hidden gems to discover, and the changing seasons give a different look every time I go.

Spring has always been a favourite of mine. The beautiful cherry blossom or purple wisteria against a backdrop of bright white houses is a dream to shoot.

It’s also brilliant as there are so many varying colours that no matter what your brand colours are, they will probably be a house or a door painted with those exact colours.


“I got in touch with Kate to shoot imagery for my brand and website, three shoots later I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Kate is personable, professional and makes you feel so relaxed during the shoot that the end result is just what you’re looking for.

Kate’s thorough process, getting to know you and your brand ensures she captures every shot and the follow-up service to getting your imagery takes no time at all. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kate to everyone I know”.



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